Friday, May 9, 2008

Another Benefit of E-books/E-articles/etc.

They're much easier to move.

I'm just about finished packing. Just out of curiosity, I counted the boxes of information that I'm moving—not counting documents that I need to keep for legal or record-keeping reasons or anything like that, just books and papers that I'm keeping purely for the value of the information in them.

The tally:

  • 4 milk-crate-sized boxes of notebooks/papers/printed articles/photocopies/etc. from my undergraduate and graduate courses

  • 1 milk-crate-sized box of coursepacks from my undergraduate courses

  • 17 smallish boxes of books

  • A half-box of cookbooks

  • Two years' worth of American Libraries and Information Technology in Libraries

I hereby resolve to think about moving 22-boxes-plus worth of paper next time I'm tempted to print an article to write notes on it or to buy a paper book that I could get as a (not DRMed-to-death) e-book. Henceforth (or at least until I'm settled into someplace that I have no intention of moving out of ever again) all of my information is going to be electronic.


Kat with a K said...

That's all?? Heh.

alanajoli said...

It is true: moving books sucks. Also, printing out paper for research is no fun. *le sigh*