Friday, December 14, 2007

Link Roundup

Isabelle Fetherston says something that I've been saying for awhile—e-books are great for older adults, because they can adjust the font size upwards as far as they need to. (Hat tip: Michael Habib)

Virginia Postrel, a great blogger on issues of design and style, rounds up and critiques some of the commentary on Amazon's Kindle.

An interesting project to watch out of George Mason University's Center for History and New Media. I haven't read anything about this other than the linked article at Inside Higher Ed, so I'm not sure how fully-baked this idea is, but it's intriguing at the least.

The Economist talks about “citizen science”—distributing scientific scut-work that involves the kinds of visual processing that computers can't yet do well out to volunteers. (Hat tip: Slashdot.) And somehow neither the Economist nor Slashdot mentioned Amazon's Mechanical Turk.

More people are getting behind the idea that bibliographic records need to be more freely available.

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